From Arcane to Divine

One of the things I want to see in Android: Netrunner is a brazilian Runner. I don’t even know if Brazil still exists in Android world, but I don’t care – I want one!!!1! …but, while I don’t have it, I’m taking my time to enjoy “the Angel”. Valencia Estevez is a latin american character with an unusual deck size. All she needs to be perfect is a promo art by Matt Zeilinger.

I started designing this deck expecting it to be terrible, and it kinda was at the first try. I got beaten over and over, as it usually happens when I’m trying new stuff – but that’s when it becomes fun, right?

I was so amazed by all the new cards from Order and Chaos that the initial version of this deck used only 1 influence point. Obviously, there was room for improvement, and that’s why I didn’t get frustrated so easily. By changing things here and there, slowly testing the possibilities, I finally got into a version that I’m happy with.

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Praise the sun, boo the moon!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote about Android: Netrunner, and one thing that I have been requested is my review about Order and Chaos, since it has the two factions that I play. But, rather than make a card per card analysis, I want to talk about the game as a whole, and how it is going by now.

Most aspects of the game are doing fine by now. All factions seem to have a similar win rate in tournaments, Order and Chaos improved the weakest factions without making them too strong, most new identities have their space in the metagame (which is nice, compared to Creation and Control first weeks), and even SanSan Cycle’s Clot hasn’t ruined the game balance as some people were expecting. But there is something that is bothering about the current cardpool. Continue reading